Restaurant 'A Marina' is one of the oldest restaurants of the 'Ribeira do Porto', where Tradition was kept, being passed from generation to generation.

We are Located on one of the most typical regions of Portugal, the 'Ribeira do Porto' considered a World-wide inheritance since 1996.

Here you'll find a unique landscape, where we can assist on a perfect marriage between 'Douro' River, 'D. Luís' Bridge, 'Serra do Pilar' Monastery and the 'Ribeira' with his characteristic construction known all over the world...

"All the landscape and involving environment
make this place a place with soul"

We specialize ourselves in the Traditional Portuguese Cuisine. Some people say that tradition is no longer what it was, but here we make a daily effort for mantaining tradition just as it was...

In our restaurant you can find a Typical cuisine where we highlight our specialties:

» Oporto Tripe

» Grilled Codfish

» Codfish cookies w/ Bean Rice

» Sea Food Rice

» And for desert we highlight our well known
      Biscuit Cake...