At the Restaurant 'A Marina' you'll find more than 70 years of history. We try to transmit the typical image of Portugal, because we think that the past and the tradition help us to understand the present and planning the future.

Four generations of owners from the same family were succeding in the management of it. The name 'Marina' usually is associated to a fancy dock for small yachts and cabin cruisers, but in fact, 'Marina' was the name of the first owner of the restaurant, and interestingly is also the name of the current owner.

At present is one of the oldest and typical restaurant of the well known 'Ribeiro do Porto'. With a selected team of professionals, we

Actualmente é um dos restaurantes mais antigos e típicos da conhecida Ribeira do Porto. Com uma seleccionada equipa de profissionais, we provide a personalized and hospitable service. Our kitchen is specialized in the good traditional Portuguese food.

'A Marina' management insists to maintain all the knowledge that comes from generation to generation, trying to take the best of the past like traditional food prepared in an ancient kind of way, having special attention on the quality of the products. Most of the times the secret is not in the way we cook but in the correct choice of the ingredients.

Sympathy, simplicity and hospitality were also maintained. Decoration is totally regional and traditional with a fantastic involving scenery and our kitchen makes the restaurant ' A Marina ' the ideal place to feel, to savour, to visualize and to breathe the true Portugal.

At the same time accompanies the modern times with a professional and fast service, it accompanies the new technologies of information; as for example with this website that we hope it's helpful to you and, in our restaurant you can have wireless internet for free.

At the 'A Marina' restaurant you'll find the best selection of the past as well as the best from the present...


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